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Try for Perfect Hormonal Balance, Or Just Pop a Pill?


Let’s talk Libido party people.

Or more specifically, erection quality.  My libido has been fine.  My erections have been… ok.  They were totally fine the first 3 weeks of this Test / Deca cycle.  Then one night I noticed a less hard than normal erection while masturbating.

The “while masturbating” part is  important, because if it’s with a woman, it has the potential to be psychological based.  This was by myself.

I also noticed my nipples looked a LITTLE bigger/puffier than normal.  I had kind of been waiting for this since this is my first Deca cycle.

I had caber on hand, but I was taking a wait and see approach.  So after that incident I started caber at .5mg /week.  Didn’t do much.  I bumped it to .5mg twice a week. And that seems to have done it.  Nips back to normal, and solid wood by myself.

I took a girl home from the bar the next week and had a boner fail with her.  Buuuuuuut, I think it was psychological and situational.  First off – I WAS way overthinking it, because I KNOW I’m on, and I know if I don’t get everything dialed-in perfectly ED is a very real possibility

This was also not the hottest girl.  And she didn’t do SHIT to help, no handy, no BJ, she just laid there.  She wouldn’t take her panties off, I had to battle with the condom, the whole thing was a train-wreck.

So what I’m saying is even with no steroids in the mix, that could easily have happened.  Seriously I would have had more fun just masturbating than bringing her home. But what are you gonna’ do, Lol.

The next time I had a girl over I took a Cialis 90 minutes prior and no issues.  Which brings us to the meat of this post….

Perfect Hormonal Balance or Just Pop a Pill?

I don’t know how much of a worthwhile pursuit it is to try to have your prolactin and estrogen levels dialed in absolutely perfectly on cycle, to be honest.  Perfect enough to not affect your libido is soooooo brutally hard to get right, and as long as you don’t go too low on E, Cialis works brilliantly.

I think my strategy from now on is gonna’ be – Get it close enough, and then just pop a pill.  Cialis is like ONE DOLLAR a pill.  Why wouldn’t you??

So it’s not that I won’t be managing estrogen and prolactin anymore – I absolutely will.  I’m just not gonna’ stress getting it perfect.  I’ll let Cialis take care of erection quality.

Last cycle I did I battled so hard to get the E levels perfectly dialed in, and it never was.  Some days I had rock hard boners like I was 18.  Sometimes they were just ok, kinda’ bendy, like I was drunk and had whiskey dick.  And I would only ever pop a pill in an emergency as an absolute last resort.  ??


I think it’s ego driven.  I’m a man, I’m not that old.  I don’t want to NEED boner pills.  True!  Under normal circumstances, I don’t.  But I’m royally fucking with my hormonal system by taking powerful anabolic steroids.

In THAT specific case, why wouldn’t you take the very pill that can fix everything the other drugs fuck up??  It’s called “managing side effects!”  It’d be like taking 500mg of Testosterone every week, but refusing to take an aromatase inhibitor – “Cause I’m a MAN, and I don’t worry about Estrogen!”  Dumb.

My last 2 cycles showed me that boners are gonna’ be a little off some days on cycle and through PCT.  And there really isn’t much you can do about it.  No matter how much you obsess about the “perfect AI dose”.

About a month after the last day of PCT, everything is back to normal, and erections are great.  So there is no PERMANENT damage to worry about.

So I’ll answer my own question:  Instead of pursuing this fool’s errand of perfect hormonal balance I will just pop a $1/pill when necessary.  And that will just be part of the “ancillaries” I buy whenever I buy a cycle.

I mean Naps (the same place I get the gear) carries every boner pill you can think of anyway, so why wouldn’t you.

Which Pill?

Well I’ve only ever tried Viagra and Cialis.  But my experience says Cialis all the way.  Viagra will give you a more ridiculous, unnaturally hard erection, but the pill takes an HOUR to come on and only lasts about 4 hours.

If you’re a single man out on the hunt… that can be real tricky deciding “should I or shouldn’t I?”  And IF you’ll have a naked girl and a place to take her in that 4 hour window.  You don’t want to take one and then go home alone with your boner, lol.

Cialis still takes about an hour to come on, but I’ve felt it in as little as 30 minutes.  90 minutes you can be 100% sure it’s kicked in.  Cialis is supposed to be a 36 hour pill – which is waaaaaaaaaaay better than 4 hours. But in practice with me – it lasts for about 4 DAYS!  I have crazy hard erections whenever I get turned on anytime for 4 days.

It’s a myth that you take either one of these and just get an erection.  They make it easier, way, way easier, but something still has to turn you on.  Although that “something” can be the way your shorts move, lol.

You’re not gonna’ take one then walk around with a boner.  But if you take one and say…. dance with a girl on the dancefloor?  Look out.

The sides with these are manageable.  Both of them give me a congested / stuffy nose feeling.  That’s really it for Cialis.

Viagra can also make me dizzy.  I can get very FLUSHED and red in the face and chest.  And sometimes it turns everything blue! You read that right.  It can mess with your vision and give everything a blue’ish tint.  Weird.

By far the biggest pain in the ass is the 1 hour wait for them to kick in.  If you have a girlfriend, it’s probably not too hard to plan one hour in advance.  But you know how it is when you’re a single guy out on the town on the prowl.  Sometimes the opportunity is NOW.  Or in 5 minutes.  Not in an hour.

Sometimes she’ll let you hook up in your car outside the club, but she won’t let you take her home.  Sometimes she will let you take her home, but you get home in 10 minutes.  What’s she gonna’ think while you sit around twirling your thumbs for 50 more minutes before you hook up??

This can be the difference between getting some that night and not.  But honestly if that’s what I have to deal with on cycle, to gain the muscle I want – WORTH IT.  There will always be another girl, another opportunity.

There are a couple “fast acting” formulations of these pills, some as gel caps, some as jellies. These act in as little as 10 minutes.  That’s HUGE.  That’s game changer shit for the single man.  I haven’t tried them.  But I definitely will.  And I’ll report back to you guys on how they worked out.

*** Disclaimer - All of the information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. If steroids are illegal where you live, then don’t buy them. I’m not encouraging you to break the law ***

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