Steroids Before and After

My Total Testosterone on 500mg Test E is 4,100

Holy crap!  I knew taking steroids would raise my total Testosterone, but I had no idea it would do it this dramatically.  From my research on the forums and given the two readings I’d had on my natural levels in the year prior were 409 and 631, I was expecting a Total T of about 2,500 from 500mg of Test E a week.  This is way better than expected.  I am STOKED!

Total Testosterone: 4,190 ng/dl

And I know now 100% sure my supplier – NapsGear –  is a legit business selling real steroids.

One of the biggest leaps of faith for me when I started this journey was buying steroids online.  I was worried about getting arrested (Customs and the US post office is WAYYYYYY to busy to worry about your one tiny package) I was worried about getting ripped off and never receiving a package.  And I was worried the whole thing might be fake, and they just send you overpriced bottles of olive oil.

I don’t have anyone in my social circle I can ask about this stuff.  None of my friends are on steroids.  …that I know of! ha-haaa.  So I just had to do my research, and hope for the best.  I’m happy to report all those fears have been put to rest.

I have no experience with any other supplier, just Naps, the place I got mine.  There are lots of places to buy online, you can try your luck at any of them, I’m just telling you where I got mine.  Do whatever you want to do!  🙂  If you want to use the place I did, you can check them out right here.  Obviously after this total T result, I HIGHLY recommend them.

4,100!  Damn!  I still can’t get over that number.  Stoked!  I blocked out my personal info so I can post this online.  But take a look at the report here:


*** Disclaimer - All of the information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. If steroids are illegal where you live, then don’t buy them. I’m not encouraging you to break the law ***

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