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HCG is a Game Changer


I think most guys doing or considering doing steroids, know what HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is and understand how to use it.  But I don’t think most guys realize what an absolute game changer HCG is.

Prior to HCG if you ran a cycle of steroids, your balls would basically turn off and stop producing Testosterone.  After a few weeks or months they start to shrink, sometimes dramatically.

I see guys posting on the forums like “ehhh no big deal.”  No big deal??  I’ve had ball shrinkage once from a particularly harsh compound and it is definitely a big deal.  It’s quite a blow psychologically to look down and see your balls half the size – or less – of their former glory.

But yeah on cycle, it isn’t a big deal because you are getting plenty of anabolics from whatever you’re taking.  You don’t need your balls to keep producing.

The problem is after you complete your cycle, it can take your balls weeks to months to “fire back up” – even with a solid PCT plan in place.  And during those weeks to months, of very little natural testosterone you can easily lose all the gains you made on cycle.  So you basically accomplished nothing.

HCG changes that situation completely.  You can take HCG during your cycle and keep your balls running, and not atrophied for your entire cycle.

Shut down is Shut down – Not True

I’ve heard that phrase repeated ad nauseum on the forums and it simply is not true.  There are two kinds of shut down:

  1. Shut down at the testes.  Balls get no signal from the brain and stop producing T completely and atrophy.
  2. Shut down at the Pituitary.  Your brain doesn’t send the signal to your balls.  But you send it twice every week with the HCG instead, so the balls remain active.

The second scenario is EXPONENTIALLY easier to recover from.  I just ran a very, very, long cycle.  It was a mistake, I should have cut it way sooner.  But I ran HCG the whole time.  So when I came off it was a breeze!  I never even lost any strength.  I didn’t have one bad workout!

I’ll write a separate post about that flawless PCT and how I timed it.  But the point it, I was only able to accomplish that because I ran HCG though the entire cycle.  So when I came off all I had to do was take PCT drugs to get my pituitary firing again and send the proper signal.

I didn’t have to restart the whole system

It’s like the difference between, launching an app on your phone, -vs- having to power up your phone first, then launch an app.  HCG keeps your phone on all the time.

The phone is your balls, lol.

Make no mistake about it, if you can’t transition OFF steroids properly, you shouldn’t do a cycle.  It’s a total waste.  You’ll lose all your gains and end up at square one. HCG is instrumental in preventing this.  So run it EVERY cycle.


When I run HCG I run it 250 iu’s every Sunday and Thursday.  500 iu’s a week.

I once tried this particularly harsh oral – M1T – remember that one?  My left ball literally shrunk to 1/3 of it’s normal size in 2 weeks!  When I noticed it, I bumped the dose up to 1,000 / week.  But it still took weeks to come back to normal.

I don’t have experience with a lot of different compounds, but it’s well known that some are harsher than others and will shut you down more than others.  In my experience I was able to combat that somewhat with increased HCG.

But I don’t know what I don’t know, and can’t tell you how deca or tren will shut you down compared to just Test because I haven’t used those compounds yet.  You may need more HCG on those cycles.

On a Test E cycle at 500mg/week, I would run the HCG at 500iu/week.

If you guys are sitting on the fence about whether to spend the extra money on HCG on your next cycle, I’m telling you – DO IT.  Spend the money, it’s worth it.  It can be the difference between keeping your gains and losing all of them.

*** Disclaimer - All of the information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. If steroids are illegal where you live, then don’t buy them. I’m not encouraging you to break the law ***

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