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First Deca Cycle

Test and Deca cycle

Well after 5 months off, I pulled the trigger and started my first cycle with DECA.  DECAAAAAAAAA!  lol.  I love the name of that one.  DECAAAAAAAAA!  You know, Nandrolone.

(by the way that picture has double the deca you need for this cycle, just FYI)

My first 2 cycles were just Testosterone one at 500mg, one at 250mg.  The 250mg/week one was a waste of money.  Learn from my mistake.  If you’re going to take the plunge and do steroids, do a LEGIT dose, don’t half-ass it, thinking because it’s so much more than a natural human body produces, that it will work.

500mg/week is the standard dose for a first cycle for a reason.  Because it works.

While the results at 500mg/week were awesome, they weren’t…. life changing.  I got stronger, I got leaner, but I stayed at pretty much the same body-weight.  Don’t get me wrong it was a noticeable difference, as evidenced by the additional attention I got from women, but I didn’t really “bulk up” like I was hoping too.

I really need a SOLID bulker where I put on 20+ pounds, quality gains muscle and water, not loads of fat.  …I can get strong and fat without steroids.

Enter Deca Durabolin

Deca, Tren, Winny, all these other designer anabolic steroids, aim to emulate the muscle building properties of Testosterone, without as much of the other effects – body hair, acne, aggression, etc.

So while Test is a great first cycle, it’s just that, a baseline.  See how your body responds, get used to cycling, work out the AI, how HCG plays in, get used to injecting, work out the kinks.  The other steroids – BY DESIGN – are meant to be much more effective than Test.  That’s the whole reason they exist!

I know there are guys that say “Test is King!”  I disagree.  If it was, no one would have invented other anabolics, that milligram for milligram just plain work better.

Arnold never ran Test.  Neither did Lou Ferrigno.  Or Serge Nubret.  None of those guys from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding did.  They ran designer steroids, anabolic agents DESIGNED to outperform Test in packing on Lean muscle.  I’d say a lot of those guys got it right.

I’ve spent the last month and a half leaning out.  I’ve motored off 10 pounds and 1.5 inches off my waist.  But I’m…. STILL not as lean as I want to be.  But I’m getting too light at 165 pounds.  So I’ve decided to run the cycle now and continue leaning out after it’s complete.

Sadly, I lost a lot of my gains from that first very effective 500mg of Test cycle.  How?  By letting my diet go.   Completely.  I started drinking again, beer every weekend.  Which weakened my diet resolve and I’d end up binging on Del Taco, and fast food, and sugary treats at 3AM.

I was completely out of control.  Eat proper Monday –  Friday afternoon, completely blow it Friday night and all weekend.  So now I’ve had to spend a month and a half undoing that damage, with hard dieting and a big caloric deficit.  It’s hard not to lose some muscle in that situation.

Lesson learned, I sobered up 4 months ago, and righted the ship.  I also quit sugar because that shit is addictive and has no redeeming nutritional value, it just taste really freakin’ good.

I’m not in HORRIBLE shape, just worse than you would expect after 2 steroid cycles.  However at 165, I’m roughly the same leanness I was before ever cycling at 150.  So I’m still up about 15 pounds.  I’d say mostly in my back, not my skinny-ass arms.

Steroids are AWESOME.  But they absolutely can NOT make up for a shitty diet.  You will undo all the progress you make on cycle, if you let your diet go to shit off cycle.  Learn from my mistake and establish good eating patterns year round.

And if you have a problem controlling your alcohol intake – Quit!  It’s not worth it, if it’s keeping you from the body you know you could have otherwise.  Same goes for sugar.  Your, new awesome, man-sized body even with just “sober game” is going to attract way more women, then the beer-confidence, outgoing, skinny-fat version of you ever will.

I took 20+ “before” pictures.  In 3-4 moths after the cycle is over, I will post them with the after shots.  I have very distinct tattoos on my arms that have kept me from posting more photos in the past.  The ones I posted on the main page of this blog, I had to Photoshop my tattoos off.  Huge pain in the ass.

This time, I found these little, tattoo blocking sleeves on Amazon, and put those on prior to the photos.  My hope is that the before/after will be awesome and inspiring and show you what is possible.

If you guys follow along on this blog, I’ll keep you updated on the cycle and any sides.

Deca is a different animal, being a 19-Nor.  I’m optimistic that I will have less sides than on a pure Test cycle.  Since that’s the whole point of designer steroids – more gain, less sides.  Deca is known to be pretty mild side effect wise, if you can avoid deca-dick.

I’m running it 250mg Test / 500mg Deca.  I’ve got this AI to combat estrogen.  250mg Test will still aromatize enough to need an AI, and Deca aromatizes a little.  I’ve got Caber to combat Prolactin sides.

Deca-dick is kind of overblown and happens to guys that run Deca without ANY test.  Or who don’t have Caber on hand if needed.  I’ll be fine.

*** Disclaimer - All of the information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. If steroids are illegal where you live, then don’t buy them. I’m not encouraging you to break the law ***

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  • Reply
    April 21, 2017 at 4:09 am

    Hey man let’s hear some updates!

    • Reply
      April 27, 2017 at 12:23 am

      Awwww man it was kind of a bust! The Deca didn’t do SHIT. The Superdrol during weeks 3 and 4 was amazing. I put on 10 pounds in those 2 weeks and had visibly stronger arms, but when I stopped the superdrol, the gains stopped. I mean I kept SLOWLY adding reps like I could naturally off cycle, but nothing crazy.

      I stopped the Deca at week 10 because it just wasn’t doing shit. It never kicked in. I don’t get it. I know it’s good gear, everything else I buy from Naps is legit. I have bloodwork to prove their T, A-dex, aromasin, and caber work. So it’s highly unlikely they make bad Deca.

      The only thing I can think is I had estrogen problems the whole fucking cycle. AGAIN. I never got the damn dose right, I was too high, then panicked and drove it too low, then let off again. Just a disaster. I’ve tested E2 4 times this cycle. If estrogen is too high, too long, I don’t care what you’re on your steroids won’t work. They’re not going to do anything if the androgen receptors are plugged with E2.

      I look visibly bigger and leaner in the mirror than before I started. I took before pics so I can take afters. It’s just…. not what I expected. This is fucking DECA for fucks sake! This is supposed to be the grand-daddy of all bulkers! I was on a damn Test/Deca cycle! Mashing down 4,000 cals a day. I should have blown the fuck up.

      I think I’m just… done with long esters. Next cycle I do is going to be all prop and acetate esters. The Test and the Deca take sooooooooooooo long to kick in I’m constantaly trying to figure out where I am and how much AI I need, and knowing I can’t take bloods for 6 WEEKS until the Test is at full saturation. It’s just a shit-show. I can’t belivee I had this much difficulty with what should have been a kick-ass cycle.

      My results were very… meh. I will post pics when cycle is complete. But it’s nothing amazing. I was hoping to pack on 25 pounds. I’m up 10.

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