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Don’t Increase Your Calories for the first 2 weeks of Your Cycle

Don’t what??  Blasphemy!  Heretic!

Hahaaaaa.  I want to talk about how I’m structuring my DIET with my cycle on this Deca cycle.  Because my guess is a lot of you guys get this wrong.  You inject yourself with your first shot and then DAY 1, you increase your calories by 1,500 or more.

That’s not the way to do it.  It is definitely exciting doing that first shot and starting a cycle.  And yes even that first shot will raise your levels a little.  But it takes weeks for the gear to kick in.  Especially a long ester like Deca.

Deca is typically 4-6 weeks before it’s fully “kicked in”.  Honestly with Test I felt about the same, really.  About week 5 before I felt I was “On”.

Now if you start taking an oral right away as a kick-start, then yes by all means, eat big on Day 1.

But how long do you want to be on a liver toxic oral?  5 weeks?  Ehhhhhh… that’s a long time to be doing damage to your liver.  That’d be like drinking to blackout every night for 5 weeks straight.

I like to minimize risk a little more.  If I wanted no risk I wouldn’t do steroids, so that’s not what I’m looking for, just less reckless.

Here’s what I’m doing on this Test / Deca Cycle.

I’ve been dieting hard for 6 weeks in preperation for the cycle.  My first cycle I started way too fat and was afraid to eat enough on cycle because of that.  This time I’m leaner going in.

I’m not as lean as I’d like to be.  But the reality is that even though I’ve kept 10-15 pounds from my first cycle, I’m still too skinny to get as lean as I’d like to be.

My point is, I’m LIGHT enough on the scale.  Size is more important, so I’m starting the cycle.

So for the first 2 WEEKS of injection, I continue with my hardcore, strict diet.  So I will lean out a little bit more (whatever you can accomplish in 2 weeks)  Even though I’m injecting, I’m sticking with the cut diet and workout plan I had before.

The first day of week 3, I start my oral, and start eating BIG.  Not eating bad foods, still lean proteins fruits, veggies, some fat, but just MORE of it.  Not pizza.  Not fastfood.  I don’t want that kind of bulk.

I run the oral 3 weeks, by then I’m at week 5 of the cycle and all the injectibles should be kicked in.  At any time after the start of week 3 if I feel I can handle more VOLUME in the gym I’ll up the workouts.  Right now my workouts are very brief, because I’ve been dieting and not on anything.

So I run things just like anyone else would, except I keep the diet going the first 2 weeks and don’t hit the gas till week 3.  It takes a little bit of discipline, but you only have to run your toxic oral for 3 weeks this way.

On the FLIP side of things.  At the end of the cycle, I continue eating big and training hard for at least 2 weeks AFTER my last shot.  I basically just go hard, until that first bad workout, where strength slips and I know the gear has worn off.

So if you’re thinking “Yeah but I want to workout hard and eat big the whole cycle, you’re missing 2 weeks the way you do it.”  I’m not.  you get those 2 weeks back on the other end.  You stop your injections week 14, you still train AND grow straight through at least week 16.

Once you bonk at the end, cut your diet down to maintenance calories, and scale back your workout volume.  And try to HOLD your strength through PCT.  But don’t go nuts.  Don’t overtrain at the end.

I hear guys advising to eat big in PCT to keep your muscle.  What?!  No.  Why would you do that??  The androgens are wearing off, you can’t EAT your way to more muscle.

You keep eating big in PCT, you’re just gonna’ add a bunch of fat at the end of your cycle.  Switch to maintenance mode until after PCT, then you can diet down if you want.

*** Disclaimer - All of the information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. If steroids are illegal where you live, then don’t buy them. I’m not encouraging you to break the law ***

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