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Crippling Lower Back Pain from Dianabol

low back pain dbol

Well I’ve been on dianabol for 2 ½ weeks.  No issues so far, but yesterday BAM!  Heavy lower back pain all day at work… just kind of irritating.  Then worse as my day wore on, radiating down my leg, not quite like sciatic pain but similar, almost felt like it was radiating into my balls.  I got through my workout, but I’m certain seated rows suffered.  I was on new equipment so I didn’t have an apples-to-apples prior workout to compare to.

low back pain dbol

It got worse at night and I absolutely could not sleep.  Finally around 5:30am I decided to take something for it.  I’d been avoiding pain killers because they are harsh on your liver the same way dianbol is.  I took 800mg of Advil and was able to get a few hours sleep.

Today I skipped the dianabol, and no issues, everything is back to normal.  If you google the internets 😀 you’ll see back pain is quite common with dianabol.  They’re calling it back ‘pumps’ which I think is very misleading.  Pumps feel good; this is very painful.  I can deal with pain.  But when it affects how much you can lift, or how much quality rest you get then it’s counter productive.  So I have decided to stop.

The thing with dianabol and other orals, is that they are toxic to your liver, but not immediately, it’s a cumulative dose thing over time.  Guys (and girls) who go out binge drinking on the weekends and get VERY drunk, even blackout on a friday/saturday night, but then spend the work week M-F behaving don’t typically develop liver failure or liver disease because they get 5 days off between their 2 days of abuse.

It’s the chronic alcoholics who literally cannot stop and drink daily, that die of liver failure.  The liver is self healing but it needs time off to do so.

So I think what happened with me is dianabol has been taking it’s toll on my liver the whole time little by little, and at the 2 ½ week mark it caught up with me.  Guys on the forums are saying ‘deal with the pain, that’s just part of it’.  Personally I think that’s foolish.  It think the pain says my liver has had enough this round and it’s time to stop dianabol until next time. So that’s what I’m doing.

There were 2 other compounding factors.  I did 40mg dianabol / day the first week, instead of 30mg which is the typical dose.  Following the ‘cummulative dose’ theory… well it adds up quicker at 40/day than 30/day.

The other very foolish thing I did was went out drinking around the 4th of July which was my first week on dianabol.  So I had about 4 nights of heavy drinking + dianabol that first week.  Had I been smart and sober, and stuck to the 30mg/day dose, I probably could have made it 4 weeks or more on dbol before back pain signaled to me that this is enough for this round.  Live and learn, now I know for next time.

It’s interesting, with the 12+ months of research I did before starting steroids, and thinking I had it ALL figured out, this first cycle has still been very much a ‘learning cycle’.  I think the next one I will really NAIL it.  Because I have it all dialed in.

I’m sure I’ll learn a little from that one too and be better on the one after, but my gut says the biggest learning curve is the first cycle.  After that of course you still learn and grow, but I think it’s a bit of a diminishing returns situation at that point.  I’m still STOKED with the results so far, but I know it can be better next time without ‘rookie mistakes’.

*** Disclaimer - All of the information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. If steroids are illegal where you live, then don’t buy them. I’m not encouraging you to break the law ***

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