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Steroids Before and After

Test and Deca cycle
Steroids Before and After

First Deca Cycle

Well after 5 months off, I pulled the trigger and started my first cycle with DECA.  DECAAAAAAAAA!  lol.  I love the name of that one.  DECAAAAAAAAA!  You know, Nandrolone. (by the way that picture has double the deca you need…

Steroids Before and After

HCG is a Game Changer

I think most guys doing or considering doing steroids, know what HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is and understand how to use it.  But I don’t think most guys realize what an absolute game changer HCG is. Prior to HCG if…

Steroids Before and After

Dbol Is Useless

Well I just had my second experience with dbol, and it wasn’t much different from the first.  It did almost NOTHING for me.  I only ran 20mg a day this time, because I am prone to losing my hair…